The Orphanage at Portmore

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The Orphanage at Portmore

The Orphanage at Portmore
The Orphanage is a sanctuary.  A sanctuary for unwanted animals, a sanctuary for those in need of rest, and an escape from the stresses of the city.  The sanctuary is sited on 60 acres in the northern Adirondack Forest of upstate New York.

The property is named Portmore after a village in Scotland.  The history of that place lends itself to this land.  

Bonnie Portmore
Shannon Lambert-Ryan (Across the Pond)

O Bonnie Portmore, I am sorry to see, 
such a woeful destruction of your ornament tree.
For it stood on your shore for many a long day,
Until the long boats from Antrim came to float it away.

O Bonnie Portmore, you shine where you stand,
and the more I think on you, the more I think on...
If i had you now as I had once before, 
All the Lords of old England could not purchase Portmore.

All the birds in the forest, they bitterly weep
sighing where shall we shelter, where shall we sleep?
All the oak and the ash, they are all cutten down, 
and the walls of Portmore, they are all on the ground.

If I had you now as I had once before, 
All the Lords of Old England would not purchase Portmore!

I will not allow this land to be taken and cleared, to be destroyed. 

From 1975, when I bought my first home in Florida, until a couple of years ago, I have owned several homes and lived in Florida, Ohio, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and Texas.  I've never quite felt at home before, until now.  This land is home not just because I am getting older, and looking to retire permanently, but because I have found my soul-mate and we are at home together here.  I have her family nearby, and the land reminds me of the Scotland my Grandfather raised me to love and cherish my heritage in.  The weather here is very akin to that of the Highlands and the land closely resembles the braes and rocky climes associated with the foothills of the Grampians.  I am at home here, this is as close to home as I think I will ever be until the L~RD calls me to my eternal one.